Welcome to The Boneyard. Some like cats. We like fighter jets.

The Boneyard is a 3-phase NFT art project based on Cold War military aircraft. The Boneyard sorties from the Flow blockchain from Dapper Labs.

In Phase 1 - Aircraft, we build 2 Air Forces of Cold War aircraft NFTs: 300 aircraft NFTs in a Pure Jet Force and 300 aircraft NFTs in a Hybrid Jet Air Force.

Then, in Phase 2 - Pilots, we introduce military patch pilot avatar NFTs, one for each of our 600 pilots.

Finally, in Phase 3 - The Boneyard Chronicles, our aircraft and pilots take to the skies in graphic moments of action with new, limited edition action NFTs.

The Boneyard is a project of IconoGraphika Inc. in collaboration with BiteSite Inc. and Blockhound Inc., all located in Ottawa, Canada.